Houses For Rent in College Station

The Best Houses For Rent in College Station

Starting in 2011, WanderHouses began selectively acquiring the best houses for rent in College Station, Texas.  After nearly a decade of hard work, we are pleased to present you with an easy process for finding houses for rent in College Station.

The story began with my first job as a leasing agent. In my last year a student at Texas A&M, a friend enticed me, bragging about the money they’d made helping fellow students find houses for rent, particularly 4 bedroom houses in South College Station.  He said that there were a few townhomes for rent at Equity Real Estate that fetched higher leasing commissions, too.

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Rentals in College Station

After obtaining a license, I jumped into the leasing game, helping friends (also Aggie students) and peers find duplexes for rent, 3 bedroom homes, duplexes, fourplexes for rent, and more.  It was a challenging job for me, but made good money and stretched my limits.

I joined the Master of Real Estate program at Texas A&M and kept leasing houses in cs, and while most of my fellow students started looking for high-salary jobs in big cities across the U.S., my passion for local College Station real estate grew.

If you’re looking for houses in Bryan or College Station…

Look no further.  As a former student who helped friends find the college station properties they wanted, I can testify that the rentals on this website are the best homes for rent in College Station for you!  Come take a look and see for yourself.

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Comprehensive List of Our Rentals in College Station

four bedroom homes College Station

(We have lots of four bedroom houses in College Station, as you can see above.)

We do have a few houses for rent in Bryan, Texas.

Comprehensive List of Our Rentals in Bryan, Texas.

Note: We currently do not have any townhomes for rent in College Station.  We also do not have any fourplexes for rent in Bryan.